+ How Do I Modify or Cancel My Order?

Unfortunately, considering all the orders are processed at the earliest opportunity, we cannot ensure that any modifications to your order once it has been confirmed and submitted. If you insist upon a change or a cancel of your order, please contact us as soon as possible at contact@easepieces.com and we are inclined to make every attempt to respond to your request.

+ Is Saturday Delivery Available?

In light of our current business scale, Ease Pieces doesn’t offer Saturday delivery for now.

+ Is There any Notifications When My Order was Sent out?

Customers will be informed via emails if their orders have been prepared to be shipped out. Once you have received the email, please take the time (less than a day) to permit the tracking number to be updated with online system of the courier. Please don’t neglect the spam folder if you get no reply 5 days after the date of purchase.